Frequently Asked Questions about Valhalla

What is Valhalla Project's mission?

To assist post-9/11 combat veterans from active, separated, Guard, or reserve status with decompression and transition back to civilian life. And to offer a venue for those veterans who wish to assist their comrades in this process by improving facilities at Valhalla.

What are some examples of programs and services offered?

Programs are on-going and informal. No prior skills are required:

o       Homesteading (all phases, specific activities determined by season)
o       Permaculture design, planning, and implementation
o       Off-grid construction, for example straw bale and cob building
o       Livestock handling, breeding, and rotational grazing practices
o       Use of heavy equipment in building and agriculture
o       Poultry handling and breeding
o       Intensive gardening and orchard techniques
o       Cooking gourmet quality food frugally
o       Food preservation (dehydration, fermentation, cheese making and more)
o       Hiking trail and campground construction and maintenance
o       Wildlife management
o       Forestry stewardship
o       Carpentry and building projects

Services and coaching:

o       Job interview counseling
o       Resume preparation
o       Personal financial management

What are some recreational activities offered at Valhalla?

Outdoor oriented, primarily. Hiking, camping, swimming, wildlife observation and photography, hunting (in season), outdoor cooking, peace and quiet.

What are the requirements for admission to programs and services?

o Applicants must be addiction-free. This includes illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Valhalla is NOT an addiction treatment facility.

o No pending criminal or civil charges.

o Applicants must provide a copy of form DD 214 to establish bone fides. Only honorably discharged veterans may come to Valhalla.

o No severe PTSD or TBI issues. More effective programs exist.

How do I inquire about participation at Valhalla?

A qualified applicant must contact Valhalla himself or herself. No exceptions. Application forms and a liability waiver are required.

What about physical injuries or disabilities?

Valhalla offers programs in which anyone qualified may participate despite previous injuries. Contact us to discuss specifics.

How long may a qualified veteran stay at Valhalla?

Up to three months, contingent of the situation. Successful Valhalla participants may return after a period away if they have the need.

What does it cost a participant to stay at Valhalla? Do they receive pay?

o Valhalla provides room and excellent board. All meals and needs are accommodated. In return participants will be required to work on various programs a minimum of four hours daily. Ample free time is available for numerous recreational activities.

o Valhalla does not provide prescription medications

o No one at Valhalla is paid, including management. When necessary, outside contractors are hired and compensated to perform specific tasks.

May I bring my spouse, parents, children to Valhalla?

o No. Valhalla is for service members only. 

May I bring my dog or other pets to Valhalla?

o Dogs are not allowed under any circumstances. Why? There are livestock guardian dogs on the property bred to protect farm animals from coyotes, wolves, and any other canine. This means that they will instinctively attack strange dogs.

o We are unable to accommodate any other pets due to the number and variety of farm animals -- as well as wild predators --.that already reside on the property.

Does Valhalla pay transportation costs?

No. A participant must make his/her own way to Valhalla.

What else should I know about Valhalla?

Perfectly healthy, happy, and content combat veterans are always welcome at Valhalla. It is true that some Valhallans are in fact struggling to readjust to the civilian world, recover from traumatic experiences, come to terms with physical disabilities, or deal with mild-to-moderate PTSD issues. However, many others are here to simply learn about homesteading, permaculture, or other specific topics while at the same time helping to build Valhalla up as a wonderful exciting place that current and future veterans will benefit from. It would be inaccurate and a mistake to dismiss Valhalla as a facility just for "veterans with problems" -- that is simply not the case.

Valhalla is not a resort or bed-and-breakfast facility. In addition to project-oriented and recreational activities, every participant also pitches in with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household tasks. All of our programs revolve around building up self confidence through self sufficiency -- and the strong belief that people cannot become self sufficient, or confident, by expecting others to do basic things for them. That said, some of the best discussions, laughter, and spontaneous fun occur while carrying out ordinary tasks with fellow Valhallans; mere drudgery is never allowed!

o The Valhalla Project is not designed to appeal to every veteran. If you are a happy "couch potato" by choice, Valhalla is not for you. If you don't like animals, cannot tolerate getting your hands dirty, faint over catching a whiff of manure, or panic at the mere thought of having an insect crawl on you then that is OK, yet the activities here would certainly not meet your individual needs or help you to relax. Note that Valhalla is not here to meet the preconceived expectations, standards, or desires of individual participants: it is a working homestead designed to assist interested veterans in transitioning out of military environments.  

o The sound of occasional gunfire and rifle shots are very common at Valhalla -- just as it is most rural areas in the United States. Hunting represents an important source of food for one and all on this property, so hunting within season and while following all applicable laws is allowed here. Shotguns and hand guns are also essential tools for quickly and cleanly dispatching poisonous snakes or severely wounded farm animals (yes, even the best cared for animals are sometimes injured by predators or in freak accidents). Target practice is another popular activity all over the immediate region. The sound of gunfire will therefore be heard both here and from neighboring properties. If the sound of gunfire is unbearable to you then it would be best for you to find another program elsewhere that is more suited to your personal tolerances.

How do I start the application process?

Contact the Valhalla Project by sending an email to Valhalla.mailbox@gmail.com or calling (870) 449-2345. Formal application forms and other required paperwork will only be sent to individuals who take the time to contact us in writing or by telephone.  

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