National Guard Soldiers tending their agricultural demonstration farm
goats in Solarno, Afghanistan

Like everyone else on Valhalla, each farm animal will have a permanent duty assignment and set of responsibilities. Some of them are obvious, for example the chickens will produce some of the eggs for Valhallans to eat, while goats and sheep will give us both milk to drink and meat to eat.

But they will also do much more, and you may be extremely surprised at what some of the different species are capable of.

Cows: Provide meat, milk, calves, hides, manure; mow grass
Chickens: Provide eggs, meat, chicks, manure; rodent, insects and weed control
Ducks: Provide eggs, meat, ducklings, manure; slug, snail, and weed control
Donkeys: Predator control, provide company and manure, mow grass
Goats: Provide milk, meat, and manure; noxious weed control; entertainment
Guinea fowl: Pest control (ticks, snakes, rodents) and early warning alarm services
Sheep: Provide meat, wool, lambs, and manure; mow grass
Pigs: Provide meat and piglets; clear forest and pastures; garbage disposal duties
Turkeys: Provide meat, eggs, poults, manure; eat insects and weeds
Rabbits: Provide meat, kits, manure, and hides
Geese: Provide meat, alarm, goslings, and manure
Bees: Provide honey and pollinate plants
Dogs: Guard Valhalla’s flocks and herds, provide companionship
Cats: Rodent control and companionship

We have focused heavily on heritage breeds, click here to read about why Gordon has made acquiring them a priority. We've also gone out of our way to make sure each of the following farm animal pages are not only informative but also entertaining. Have you ever seen a video of a chicken outsmarting a cat to kill and eat a mouse? Or more than a dozen goats raining down from the top branches of a very tall tree? Or a tiny donkey kicking the crap out of an enormous camel and chase him away from a bucket of grain?

Our farm animal pages will serve as a crash course in introducing only some of the animals we'll come to depend on in the years ahead, and you won't be bored as you learn all about them. Take a look at what we have so far:

Each of all the other farm animals will eventually have their own descriptive pages, so check back regularly!

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