Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Take Action for the Valhalla Project’s New Roof!

Want to express tangible thanks to combat veterans for their service? You can do just that by assisting the Valhalla Project in repaying the cost of the brand new insulated metal roof.

The job started with ripping out old skylights and replacing the old
rotting plywood with sheets of heavy OSB above the Park Lounge. It
was an understandably messy phase of the project.
The roof of the Valhalla Project's Main House, which can house up to eight veteran participants at a time, began failing this summer in the most dramatic way. The original shingles -- installed more than 30 years ago! -- had degraded to the point of crumbling. The plywood underneath became soaked in some places and began to rot.

Valhallans froze in the winter and baked inside during the summer due to the complete lack of any insulation whatsoever on the towering alpine rooftop above the living room and sleeping loft.
The first insulation panels being installed over
the towering alpine portion of the roof above
the living room and sleeping loft.
Worst of all, Valhalla simply did not have adequate funds to pay for a new roof this year. But with winter fast encroaching, we were pressed for time so we had to float a quick $18,000 loan to make sure that the roof was up before the storms hit. We literally had no other choice.

After nearly three weeks of hard labor by roofing professionals armed with a mountain of replacement plywood (OSB), sheet insulation, lumber, and endless stacks of metal panels, the new roof was completed last week... just in time for Veteran's Day. And now we must raise the funds to repay the emergency loan before the end of the year.

The first metal roofing panel being installed over the insulation.
Unlike many fundraisers that say contributions will go to some future project, the 5,630 square foot Valhalla Main House roof is now a tangible reality.

The final bill for materials, hardware, heavy equipment rental costs, and labor came to exactly $17,337.14.  We watched every penny very carefully, and collected all receipts as the project progressed. Not a nickel was wasted during the course of this huge undertaking.
A cherry picker -style basket had to be rented to provide
access to the various roof extensions around the house.

Ice dams and commercial-grade gutters should be purchased and professionally installed before the first snow flies, yet paying off the existing loan for the completed roof remains Valhalla's #1 top priority.

Those of you who contribute to paying off the roof will have the satisfaction of knowing that the work is already done, no money was wasted on non-essentials or hidden luxuries, and that the veterans who stay at the Valhalla Project property will be comfortable and dry for generations to come. 
The east and west wings of Valhalla's Main House have attics
and therefore didn't need exterior insulation, thus saving a lot of money.
Pinching pennies is not the same thing as cutting corners: the roofing
job was done correctly yet without any unnecessary extras. 

The ultimate proof of success came to us on Sunday morning, when the outside thermometer recorded the season's freeze at precisely 32F -- yet the living room remained at 63F even though we had left the central heating system off all night!

Note that last winter Valhalla's electric bills averaged at over $400 per month despite keeping the thermostat set to only 50F and wearing parkas inside. Those days are over now because of this successful roofing project, and Valhalla's utility bills will be much lower.

So here to have the opportunity to help veterans directly and know full well that any and all contributions will go immediately into a Pay Off the Roof fund designed to improve quality of life for all veteran participants at Valhalla! Thank you for your assistance and supports – without it we will be unable to continue our work. Press the Donate button to make a difference today!

The Valhalla Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity recognized by the IRS.
Nobody, including cadre or board members, draws a paycheck here, nor will they ever. We all simply give everything we have to make Valhalla possible. 100% of your donation via Paypal will go directly to program expenses and providing a very special reintegration homestead for combat veterans, period.

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