Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Greetings From a Valhallan in Iraq

One of our Valhalla participants, Erik, returned to work in Iraq last month and sent the following picture with Thanksgiving greetings this morning:

Erik with his new pet turkey Sarah.
He is one of the Valhalla participants who
retired from the military but returned
to service as a civilian contractor
now working in Iraq.
Wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here in Iraq. I had never once before encountered Turkey's until I began to visit the Valhalla Project and they have truly earned a special place in my heart. This year, despite humanely preparing 3 Turkey's for dinner we decided to adopt one, an adult Female we named Sarah. 

Through Valhalla Project I learned to respect and appreciate this magnificent bird whom Benjamin Franklin advocated to be our National Bird prior to the Bald Eagle becoming officially recognized. Truly remarkable animals. We intended to locate a Tom for Sarah and breed her. She will be loved and well taken care of by my team and support staff.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please stay safe over there Erik!!!

* * *
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