Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stripes and Sidney the roosters in a springtime fight

Stripes in all his glory before
the big fight... it may be a while
before he looks like this again.

Oh no, poor Stripes and poor Sidney too! It's Spring and we've been having some major problems with the duck drakes lustfully tearing up the duck hens, then last night Stripes and Sidney the two Freedom Ranger roosters here at Valhalla got into a horrible brawl for the first time ever. 

Poor Stripes staggered out of the chicken house this morning all bloody and torn up. He sat down in front of me waiting to be petted as usual but ew, he was an absolute mess with two black eyes, his waddles ripped open down the middle, feathers ripped out of his chest, so I didn't want to hurt him further by touching him anywhere. 

Later I saw Sidney and he looked just as bad, he spent almost the entire day passed
out in a corner under a tree with his favorite hens around him looking very worried. Looks like we're going to have to take the pressure off the flock by taking one of the two out since both have also been terrorizing the hens on and off during the day... it's going to be Sidney since his posture, mane, and overall demeanor don't quite measure up compared to Stripes. 

I'd always assumed that fighting was always a sign of overcrowding and inadequate housing, whereas the chickens here free range over two acres but they still get into fights anyway. 

Well, it's spring, like it or not this is to be expected, and fresh roast free-range chicken for Easter (no antibiotics or questionable poultry diets involved) will be a wonderful thing while at the same time knowing Sidney's lived in chicken heaven all of his life.
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