Monday, April 29, 2013

Shock: the four newcomers

SHOCK: I came rushing around the corner behind the Turkey Chalet in a mad rush to get all the evening chores done before the sun went down, and there they were.  I yelled for Gordon, he came barreling around the corner and stopping in his tracks at the sight: four tiny little itty-bitty chicks with their practically psychotic mother already on guard to defend them with her life, and Sadie the dog (famous for eating chicks) was following somewhere right behind us.

One tiny chick had already fallen into the shallow water dish and drowned, we instantly felt horrible but started racing to save the remaining four. A 3' high pet fence was already in place around the shower where they hatched but if the hen couldn't keep them out of the water bowl and already lost one,
well, the dog couldn't get in but they could certainly wander out in a heartbeat. Wire clippers literally flew from the roll abandoned just behind us, wire-ties zipped into place like strands of spaghetti, a very small chick-safe waterer was quickly inserted into their nest with hopes that it won't tip over during the night, and KK the cat - the *only* Valhalla resident capable of getting in now through a narrow gap in the top - is now tied up on the couch inside the house so he won't have a chance to go outside to even try.

We think the new first naturally born poultry are finally safe at least for the night, we'll vastly improve on their situation by building a cat-proof, dog-proof, and raccoon-proof bunker around them first thing in the morning. Whew, they're so cute but so so tiny... not exactly born in the wild, but pretty close to it!

* * *
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