Saturday, April 20, 2013

Runaway goat! Sadie saves the day, thanks to SFC Kenn

Sadie the Great Pyrenees really saved the day this evening! An unexpected crisis of very serious note occurred this afternoon: Freya - Valhalla's first goat kid (who's now fully grown and apparently also pregnant) somehow escaped from the main goat compound and was seen literally leaping 5' and 6' up high in the air with pure joy while intermittently racing at full speed up and down the driveway with her very powerful legs launching her as close as she could get to the setting sun!

Freya was completely out of control although also clearly making fun of the other rather envious goats left behind the fence. During our initially controlled and very cautious rescue attempt she then very easily knocked over and threw off Gordon when he calmly and strategically pounced on her (and he's a lot bigger than me), then I came silently running as fast as I could with arms stretched out around from the outer corner of the fence while trying not to scare her, albeit without a real plan other than to somehow catch her... well... she thought the whole thing was a funny game and began darting in huge arches in unpredictable directions, but then also seemly out of the clear blue sky came this huge blob of
tangled fur that suddenly landed just behind me with a distant "thunk" noise that seemed to shake the earth itself.

Sheer momentum still carried me forward one way after the bouncing frenzied Fria, then -- while still unable to stop my skidding feet -- I realized that the streaking giant yet ghost-like furry blob had actually circled behind both of us to guide the runaway freight-train goat from the direction opposite from me, there were gentle thin streams of slow-motion running slobber all over the place coming from somewhere, so I turned my head and it was... SADIE!!!

Sadie was running with an absolutely calm yet still vaguely interested expression on her face, sort like someone looking at a cross-word puzzle while riding on a subway thinking "Oh, I know this one, I know this answer, I'll just write it down here now with a pencil." She was in fact rather casually running with a slightly happy confident smile on her face, but Freya was leaping in a generally forward direction with renewed determination again, I was at that point haphazardly scrambling around already out of breath -- it was a real moment in time to remember forever -- while Gordon wasn't seriously hurt and still holding the gate wide open. 

I certainly wasn't in the lead and trailed behind only to witness Sadie's big butt at the gate with Freya leaping safely back inside the goat pen with all the other goats bleating madly while obviously cheering as if they were spectators at the Olympics, and Gordon was able to finally slam the gate shut.

Whew! Thank you a thousand times to SFC Kenn and your entire family for delivering a real solution to many problems, Sadie might look "not particularly intelligent" as you once said in so many words - but boy, in a real pinch, she suddenly wakes up, proves that she has in fact paid attention here at Valhalla, and in the end absolutely gets the job done, thank you so much! GOOD DOG SADIE, GOOD DOG!!! Also note that no animals or humans were harmed in this episode, thank heavens. 

* * *
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