Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Permaculture expert Sepp Holzer during a
visit to Montana with none other than Valhalla's
own SFC Carola.
Good gads, one of Valhalla's own regulars -- SFC Carola, based out of Ft. Leonard Wood -- traveled all the way to Montana to meet the world famous rebel farmer Sepp Holzer himself this past week! 

So who exactly is Sepp Holzer? One of the founders of the new natural science farming technique that is now being referred to "permaculture", which comes down to designing sustainable agricultural ecosystems for the benefit of not just people, but also wildlife and perhaps the most important of all, for the benefit of building top-quality soil, and all the underground organisms that live within it. Of course it is nutrient rich soil that support humans, farm animals, insects, wildlife, and much more.

The quickest way to start understanding basic permaculture basics, as well as exactly who Sepp Holzer is and what he has to offer to literally everyone who puts food in their mouths, is to watch this very fascinating five minute video:

SFC Carola, already a well established hard-core Master Gardener in her own right, took it upon herself to seek out wisdom from one of the most knowledgeable
founders of permaculture on the planet with the intent of bringing very precious intel back to Valhalla. Thank you so much Carola!

That said, it was a difficult trip since she's still recovering from back surgery while Sepp was also recovering from his own recent health episode, but the meeting of the minds took place nonetheless. 

Our heads are literally spinning after the hour-long telephone debriefing that Carola gave today on the finer points of planting seeds, growing best-quality vegetables, and working with the land after first studying Sepp's extensive works and then actually meeting with him in person. If you're still confused but still interested, take a look at a short Wiki article about Sepp Holzer at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepp_Holzer to see why we're all so collectively excited about Carola's visit and the knowledge that she's bringing back to Valhalla!

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