Monday, April 1, 2013

Bird cages and dinosaur poops in the garden

After planting potatoes today we whipped together some special bird cages to keep Valhalla's chickens, ducks, turkeys, and the dog and cats out. Two cages protect this single raised bed; they're made 7' lengths of 2"x3" welded wire bent into a low arch, then the ends are finished with 2' wide lengths zip-tied to form a cage that's open on the outside end. 
Two of these cages cover our 4x8' raised beds
when clipped together at the open ends, completely protecting the plants; they are very light and easy to remove for weeding or harvesting. Eventually we'll have every single one of the 18 raised beds covered with these bird cages - while the new fence keeps most of the birds and animals out, we're *not* taking a single chance with this years harvest, not after the deer and other animals wiped everything out last year!

Now there's also what appears to be a row of big dinosaur poops at the back of Valhalla's main garden, but these mounds are really just part of the 1,000 pounds of straw and leaf bedding that we raked and dragged out of duck house today. Those same mounds will be planted with squash and melon very soon - it was a disgusting job but we're talking about pure gold for gardening. 

After throwing fresh leaves and straw in to keep the ducks clean and warm through the winter, today was the dreaded day... but all the eggs that we've all eaten plus gold for the garden are certainly worth it.

Sploosh! Some of Valhalla's ducks at bath time

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