Monday, April 22, 2013

A Valhalla riddle and mystery solved

MYSTERY SOLVED re: what has eight eyes, fangs, six testicles, eats a combination of hay and coyotes (or just about any other available predators), and certainly *doesn't* produce either eggs or milk for the supper table?? The key word from Valhalla’s riddle as posted on FaceBook was PACKAGE, and some of you were so close to guessing the full truth! Here's the final correct answer:

Valhalla's St. Croix rams with their LPD
You see, last year before Sadie arrived we had already arranged to eventually acquire another very special Livestock Protection Dog (LPD) - an Akbash puppy (the breed traces back for centuries to Turkey) - but she was being raised with a very special breed of
sheep - St. Croix sheep from the Virgin Islands.

Jason wouldn't let the Akbash puppy go unless she continued her training with three St. Croix rams that she already knew, and that's how we ended up with the most wonderful package of one new wonderful LPD and three rams that are shedding their wool auto-magically for the coming summer, no sheering required... now, don't feel bad for Sadie either, with 200 acres Valhalla easily has *more* than enough work for two LPDs, if not more. Here is a closer-up of one of the new St. Croix rams actively shedding his winter coat, they really are very interesting critters for sure:

* * *
The Valhalla Project needs your help and support
Just getting a project like Valhalla up and running has required a significant investment in time, money, and labor. With roughly $500,000 already invested over the last two years into the Valhalla Project for property acquisition, feeding and housing Soldier participants, infrastructure and facility improvements, animal purchases and feed, tools and building supplies, forest and pasture management expenses, and much much more, resources are running thin. We need YOUR help to keep Valhalla functioning efficiently - while at the same time expanding vitally important programs to assist post-9/11 combat Soldiers and war zone civilian workers to transition back into the civilian world. 

The Valhalla Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity recognized by the IRS.
Nobody, including cadre or board members, draws a paycheck here, nor will they ever: we simply give everything we have to make Valhalla possible. 100% of your donation via Paypal will go directly to program expenses, period. If you'd prefer to instead directly donate four new tractor tire, a truckload of straw bales, a pallet of dimension lumber, or even a few dozen 10' sheets of forest green tin roofing, that would be absolutely wonderful - yet perhaps polking the "Donate" button above to contribute $10, $20, 
$50 or even more might be a little easier and more practical!

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