Saturday, March 30, 2013

On wounded poultry and recovery times

Florence the Freedom Ranger chicken needed
some first aid for a big gaping hole in her side,
it seems possible that she was attacked by a
fox but still managed to get away. This happened
after it took three months for her to heal after
nearly being cannibalized by her own flock.

Three months average recovery time after being attacked, that's been our experience here at Valhalla so far with the severely wounded poultry. We're very pleased to report that BlineGai is finally back with her turkey flock for most of the day now, although we're still keeping her separated in her own apartment by herself at night for protection for as long as necessary: she's doing great after three months of recovery time after plenty of rest and getting much stronger! 

Then last year we had to lock Florence the Freedom Ranger chicken in a pen all by herself for three long months after the rest of her flock partially cannibalized an open wound on the back of her neck... at first we thought we'd never be able to reintegrate her into the flock, but today she runs most of the flock as one of two main leader chickens. 

Now we have Lavender the duck recovering while locked in with the four turkey poults after she was horribly attacked by teams of much bigger ducks, she's already much better after only a week, and we'll keep her there with the poults until all her feathers grow back. 

All I can say is, I sure wish it was as easy to help wounded warriors that so many of us know personally to physically recover in the same fashion so quickly... well, we're learning some things that may eventually help them as well, first amongst those lessons rests the need to be always calm plus constantly patient to allow thorough healing.
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