Friday, February 15, 2013

Monster equipment brought in for Valhalla's second pond renovation

Valhalla's second pond improvement project is finally underway! This one is truly massive to match the equally massive upper pasture. If you look carefully you'll be able to see
Valhalla President Gordon Cucullu picking his way across what will eventually be deepest part of the newly renovated pond, which will eventually provide livestock, wildlife, and aquatic creatures with thousands of gallons of clean water for many decades to come.

It's a bit difficult to describe the sheer size of this second pond renovation project, and the size of the heavy equipment involved in getting it done. Take a careful look at what appear to be two little garden gnomes under the giant arm of the excavator. Oh, wait... those aren't gnomes at all... that's Terry and Gordon supervising from a safe distance.

Heavy equipment operator Jim Brown outlining various
possibilities for completing the pond with additional clay on
the bottom and a spillway that could help feed Kephart Pond in
the lower pasture below.
It takes a lot of planning and conferencing inside what is currently little more than a gigantic pit to try to get everything just right with Jim and Terry's expert advice. Once completed it may take many months before the pond fills up with water, and that's assuming there will be normal rainfall amounts rather than another year of drought. Of course there are many other projects to keep everyone busy while waiting for this pond to fill up!

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The Valhalla Project needs your help and support
Just getting a project like Valhalla up and running has required a significant investment in time, money, and labor. With roughly $500,000 already invested over the last two years into the Valhalla Project for property acquisition, feeding and housing Soldier participants, infrastructure and facility improvements, animal purchases and feed, tools and building supplies, forest and pasture management expenses, and much much more, resources are running thin. We need YOUR help to keep Valhalla functioning efficiently - while at the same time expanding vitally important programs to assist post-9/11 combat Soldiers and war zone civilian workers to transition back into the civilian world. 

The Valhalla Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity recognized by the IRS.
Nobody, including cadre or board members, draws a paycheck here, nor will they ever: we simply give everything we have to make Valhalla possible. 100% of your donation via Paypal will go directly to program expenses, period. If you'd prefer to instead directly donate four new tractor tire, a truckload of straw bales, a pallet of dimension lumber, or even a few dozen 10' sheets of forest green tin roofing, that would be absolutely wonderful - yet perhaps polking the "Donate" button above to contribute $10, $20, 
$50 or even more might be a little easier and more practical!

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