Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How *you* can help make Valhalla become a reality

They have already paid.
The Soldiers, veterans, and war zone civilian
workers will never be asked to pay for either food
or lodging at Valhalla. Monetary donations are
needed to first prepare the property for their arrival
and then cover a long list of program expenses.
The preparatory work of acquiring the pilot Valhalla property and implementing critical safety upgrades on the house has understandably cost quite a bit of money.

Founders Gordon Cucullu and Chris Fontana have stretched to personally cover these initial expenses to jump-start the Valhalla pilot property, yet available cash is now running out.
While all profits from the book Warrior Police have been pledged to the Valhalla Project, it may be many months before book sales are received by the publisher and then trickled to the authors for deposit into Valhalla's bank account.

Therefore, the time has come to ask for help in the form of time, materials, or monetary donations. 

One of the completed projects to prepare the house for the first
Valhallans (thanks again to Dennis and Dianna Marquis for

donating the tile!). At this point we need donations
 for upgrading the kitchen, exterior paint, and many
other essential preparatory tasks.
You can decide how much you'd like to give to help make Valhalla a success for the benefit of post-9/11 combat soldiers and war zone civilian workers, whether it's $5, $25, $50, $100, or larger donations.

Click here if you'd like to donate money to Valhalla using your debit card, credit card, or Paypal account:

The exterior of the house hasn't been painted
for at least a decade (if not longer).
Where would your money go? As of this writing Valhalla needs a backup generator before winter sets in! In a rural environment such as this, power outages can become a serious problem for days or even weeks at a time. Culverts must also be installed to protect the creeks and ensure vehicle access before the rainy season. And the exterior of the house hasn't been painted in years: painting it is not a cosmetic matter, but a matter of protecting the structure itself from additional weather damage. 

Donations other than money are also very
much appreciated and essential: the Benitz

Family brought over two twin beds to help
get Valhalla up and running. Quality used
items are always welcome!
These are immediate critical needs, yet the list of other essentials is very long: a barn for goats, sheep and other animals; a reliable used pickup truck for farm work, a new dishwasher (Energy Star compliant) to replace the ancient dead one in the kitchen, hand tools of all kinds, a four wheel drive tractor... well, you get the picture!

If preferred, instead of donating money you can pitch in by purchasing some critically needed items and having them sent directly to Valhalla by referring to our Critical Needs List.

An important note and disclaimer: while the Valhalla Project Inc. has already been incorporated as a non-profit organization, our application for full charitable 501(c)3 status with the IRS is still pending. This means your donation may or may not be tax deductible for this year, although we sincerely hope the IRS will be able to finish processing our application in the next few months. And regardless of tax status, with your help we will continue to move forward to safely house Soldiers and war zone civilian visitors by this coming spring.

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