Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Benitz Family comes through with Valhalla's first beds!

The Benitz Family from just up the road standing in
front of Valhalla's new beds. From left to right:
Matt standing next to his fiance Elizabeth Benitz,
her brother Paul, with parents Lindy and Lee on
right. Valhalla thanks you all for the wonderful
donation, beds like these are critically needed!
Wow what a wonderful day, long yet productive, and topped off with an amazing delivery from the Benitz Family just down the road: they arrived with not only two twin mattresses and beds, but a huge box of blankets and freshly washed sheets for Valhalla's new bunk house!

The beds are very special for different reasons. One is electric with handheld controls that allow one to adjust the elevation of either the head or foot of the bed, while Lee Benitz had built the other bed from scratch for his son some years ago using red oak and ash that he milled himself. Finally, they're really special since they're the very first beds for the Soldiers and war zone civilian workers who will be staying at Valhalla for many years to come.

A few of the places where Gordon and I
slept during our Warrior Police research
tour in Afghanistan last year. Soldiers and
war zone civilian workers endure such
conditions for much longer than we ever
did during our three months there.
Having comfortable bunks is understandably a very big deal since so many Soldiers and civilian workers living in Afghanistan today are stuck sleeping on cots, bunk beds, and bare mattresses without any sheets.

We learned this the hard way ourselves while researching Warrior Police last year. In Zormat it was necessary to crawl up a rickety ladder to get to an old stained mattress, and at FOB Justice somebody had messed up the order for mattresses so everybody there slept on naked box springs instead.

It was hard to complain since everybody was in the same boat, yet the first night left bruises, and the second night was an agony to try to get comfortable with wires digging into bruises from the night before.

Those serving overseas right now think nothing of napping on gravel, steel benches, or using balled up t-shirts as pillows in a pinch. They don't like it, but that's the way it is for many.

This is why the Benitz Family donation of two very comfortable twin beds is such a big deal. Lee and Lindy are determined to help make Valhalla a comfortable place, and their entire family is going the distance to help make it happen.

The new twin beds made up with sheets, blankets and pillows
also provided by the Benitz Family. Three more beds will
comfortably fit on the other side of what was previously a
sizable recreation room and of course there's 200 acres left
for building private cabins and camp sites in the years to come.
Someday this house will be converted into a visitor's center and
everyone will move into small energy-efficient self-sustaining
cabins, yet for now the house is a wonderful start-up asset!
So with help the bunk house is really coming together. Several more twin beds, bedside desks, throw rugs, curtains, lamps, chairs, foot lockers, and other essentials will be added when such items can be acquired, yet we remain confident that the Valhalla Vision will become a reality by next spring.

Thank you again, Lindy and Lee and Paul and Elizabeth and Matt!

Our IRS application for nonprofit status is being processed, 
yet you can still donate to help Valhalla today!

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  1. Single bed is way better because you can sleep more comfortably. Even those with hypopnea could sleep continuously when they use a single bed like this.