Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The search for the Valhalla property has finally ended. The satellite view of the new 200-acre T-shaped property clearly shows a giant V.

In the photo below, here I am standing with real estate agent Vern from Rocking Chair Realty at the bottom of the V-shaped area in the south-40 acres as captured in the satellite view shown above. Check out the height of the trees, and that snapshot is only an example to demonstrate the sheer size of Valhall's new property:

The rolling pastures and dozens of acres of wooded areas are very impressive, offering countless building sites for small private cabins as well as more than ample room for farm animals, gardens, orchards, and much more. It is very peaceful without road noise or other outside distractions.

The following photographs show just some of the interesting features of the land:

Gordon opening the gate to a FOB-sized area that's only part of Valhalla today... the property is simply enormous, with endless possibilites
Another big positive: this property includes a house that can accommodate about ten people at a time while straw bale cabins and other buildings are constructed; the house could be converted into a visitor's center or memorial museum at some later date. It has three bedrooms, a sleeping loft, and recreation room with a wood burning stove that could easily serve as a very comfortable bunk house:

Our original expectation embraced the relatively primitive notion of having to camp out until some very basic structures could be built, yet now we're starting with a large house (with bathroooms!) for the first Valhallans to stay in. This is only excellent news, and we're very pleased since a house means we'll all be that much closer to housing and sustaining our target population of 50.

It also goes without saying that the property is certainly large enough to establish a very nice camping area with fire pits, an outdoor kitchen and sanitary facilities for use from the spring through the fall. There are two possible camping areas that immediately come to mind: one in the 1.75 acre backyard behind the house, with a second further up (about five acres away) in a beautiful wooded area that also has modest clearings.

Stay tuned: we'll post many more photos with additional information in the coming days!

Our IRS application for nonprofit status is being processed, 
yet you can still donate to help Valhalla today!

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