Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit to Reynolda House

After leaving Stauber farm we visited the historic JR Reynolds home of early 20th century tobacco fame, called Reynolda House. It is an elegant "bungalow" of about 40,000 square feet that was designed to be entirely self-sustaining, with its own farm, livestock, and amusement complex. The original configuration included 15 additional buildings - barns, blacksmith, school, church, and more - that is now restored and converted to shops and restaurants. The photo below shows how the buildings, grounds, and gardens are laid out at Reynolda: 

When the Valhalla property is acquired it will be necessary to spend a period of months conducting a thorough survey of every major terrain feature. Creating a map like this one will be essential for determining the best locations for barns, cabins, pastures, and eventually a mainhouse suitable for housing dozens of people.

Inside much of the Reynolda house contains original furnishings and accessories, and a superb collection of paintings from American artists grace the walls (it is likely that Valhalla will take a different approach, perhaps focusing on warrior art and photographs).

What most impressed us is the applicability of the original Reynolda concept to Valhalla: Self sustaining, independent, and productive, yet part of the overall community.

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