Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Use the navigation menu at the right to find what you want on this blog, which I'm trying to treat as a website. You'll want to view the following in this order:

1. Valhalla Vision -- a general overview of the project

2. Property -- how it will eventually be acquired, and what'll happen next

3. Construction -- a preliminary introduction to some Valhalla construction projects (ironically this is a webpage still under construction, but understandably so since it's a very large topic to consider)

4. Energy -- some notes on how we intend to eventually bring Valhalla completely off the grid and self-reliant

5. Water -- rainwater harvesting basics, will add grey water recycling and other related topics to this webpage soon

6. Farm and Garden -- currently limited to soil information but the future home of everything having to do with food production at Valhalla

7. Animals -- very briefly describes how the Valhalla work ethic will apply to all animals on the property. Single species descriptions and detailed information about every animal planned for the property will be added as time goes on.

8. Frugality is Fun -- a groundbreaking program describing how the Valhalla Project will be carried out not just through fundraising, but through saving individual dollars.

9. Governance -- how all these activities will be accomplished under the guidance of a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Board of Directors and key advisory committees.

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  1. Hi Ms Avery . Its Carmel Please email me .. I have information on new renewable energy sources for your project... ... 904.349.7540 cell.........Thanks Carmel...