Monday, February 21, 2011

Property: Valhalla Desired Property Description

Size:    200 acres minimum, more preferable.

Terrain: Combination of hilly to mountain, primarily uncut mixed forest (or uncut for minimum 10 years) with some cleared, flatter areas suitable for grazing, crops, or building sites.

Zoning: Must be free of excessive zoning requirements: Mixed use permitted including multiple dwellings, animals, reasonable outdoor activities.

Features: Must include annual flowing streams. Desirable: springs, ponds, natural lakes, river frontage.

Roads: Paved access to property desirable, but nearby high-speed, highly trafficked road not desirable.

Climate: Mild winters, temperate summers, suitable annual rainfall.

Additional Considerations:
  • On-site source of gravel
  • Stone quarry
  • Waterfalls
  • Adjacent to state or federal forest land
  • No easements for utilities, existing or planned
  • Proximate to hospitals, shopping, and services (minimum distance 10 miles)
  • Existing buildings on property: not necessary but will be taken into consideration
  • Access to public utilities not necessary
  • Property access must be unimpeded and not dependent on easements from other property owners

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